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Ortho-k for Adults: Vision Correction without Surgery in Huntington Beach, CA

Can Adults Benefit from Ortho-K Vision Correction?

YES! Adults can certainly benefit from the vision correction of ortho-k.

Orthokeratology or "ortho-k", also known as corneal reshaping therapy is the use of a hard contact at night to gently reshape the cornea. This corrects the refractive errors of being nearsighted, or, myopic.  Until recently, Ortho-K has most often been used as a method for Myopia Control in children. The children have their vision corrected during the day by using these contacts at night. The primary goal with children, though, is the long-term reduction of the vision health risks associated with progressive myopia.

Yet, more and more adults are taking advantages of ortho-k as a form of vision correction. Many adults enjoy not needing to wear glasses and contacts during the day while avoiding the risks and complications associated with surgery such as LASIK. Whether for near or distance vision, Ortho-k is an excellent viable alternative.

Ortho-K is especially helpful for people whose professions make contact lens wearing difficult or uncomfortable, such as dusty or dirty work environments. Athletes and sports enthusiasts such as skiers, tennis players, or any impact sport tend to find ortho-k to be an attractive solution. We have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Sports Ortho-K

Which is Better: Ortho-K or LASIK?

As with any surgery, there are risks of complications with LASIK. These commonly include:

  • Severe, possibly permanent dry eyes syndrome
  • imperfect vision correction
  • untreatable vision loss
  • Serious vision problems such as halos, glare, or diplopia (double-vision)
  • Poor nighttime or low-contrast vision

What's more, LASIK is rarely 100% effective, particularly where the patient already has a strong prescription and also as he or she begins to age. There is a strong likelihood to STILL require vision corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts.

On the other hand, Ortho-k is considered to be only marginally risky. Incidences of complications are extremely low. These complications, if they do occur, are usually mild soreness and irritation, which can be addressed by your optometrist.

The science is clear. At our Huntington Beach eye clinic, we always recommend ortho-k over LASIK.

Interested in finding out more about Ortho-K? Call our office today.

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Who Should NOT Use Ortho-K?

Most people are candidates for Ortho-K. However, these are some circumstances or conditions for which use of ortho-k is contraindicated for anyone with:

  • Severe lack of tears
  • Allergies to contact lenses or solution
  • Acute inflammation
  • Eye infection

All in all, ortho-k is safe and can effectively correct vision for the vast majority of adults. If you're interested in seeing if ortho-k is right for you, call our office or make an appointment.

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